Friday, 5 March 2010

More Rouge Bunny Rouge

I wrote a post about my two Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination Highlighting Fluids, but I thought I would do a quick review of the other RBR roducts I have.


Last Autumn, after reading a few good reviews and seeing some beautiful swatches on several beauty blogs, I decided to order the RBR Sea of Tranquility highlighter. I loved it instantly and placed another order with Zuneta for more RBR. I've posted another photo of both highlighters as my last swatch didn't show up very well.

I have three RBR eyeshadows - Unforgettable Oriole, Abyssinian Catbird and Resplendant Quetzal. Unforgettable Oriole is described as a 'white gold' and I'd agree with that. It makes a beautiful highlight colour or works well as a lid wash to make you look a bit more awake. Abyssinian Catbird is 'a metallic bronze with golden highlights', I see shades of khaki and golden olive in there too. I really like this colour. It is a great intensifier for me in the outer corner or the crease and it works very well with some of my brighter colours, such as mid to navy blue or deep purple. Resplendant Quetzal was a bit of a wild card choice, as I wanted to see what the 'wackier' RBR colours were like. It's described as a delicate, iridescent, two-toned golden lime and it is definitely on the subtle end of 'wacky'. It's a very pretty shade which I'm looking forward to wearing more this Spring. I think it will look lovely with pale lilacs, corals, matte creams and different liner colours.

The shadows are all long-lasting, even without any primer. They are silky smooth and a small amount spreads a long way on your lids. I would definitely describe these shadows as 'luxe'.

The next product I have is Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment. Like all RBR cosmetics, it comes in beautifully decorated packaging. It's a plastic vial with a lid that you pull off to see the applicator wand - it reminds me a bit of some kohl powder products. The wand has a softly pointed sponge tip which holds just the right amount of product.

The colour I own is Night Wind Sailing. This shade is described as 'iridescent metallic pewter, with a hint of pink pearl for a stormy sky effect'. That description alone had me practically salivating - I love a stormy sky. The pink pearl is very, very subtle but it does soften the grey slightly and warms the colour a touch. The product itself is easy to work with - I usually put some on the back of my hand and either apply dry with a flat shader or damp with a liner. The texture is very finely milled and gentle enough that a light dusting also works well on top of other shadows. The glitter is there, but not in a 'disco' way, it is not at all gritty on the eye and I do not get fallout if I press the pigment onto my lid. I think this product can be worn in the daytime without looking over-the-top, but can also be amped up for evening.

I also have one of the Decadent Duos Joys and Desires in the shade Samba/Enredo. You can read about it in this FOTD .

Finally, I have one of the Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipsticks. As someone who does not really like opaque lipstick, this is perfect for me. I have the shade Fluttering Sighs, which is described as 'sheer, shiny tea rose, warmed with a gold shimmer'. It gives me exactly the kind of glossed, delicately coloured lips I love and I can reapply with no need of a mirror. It feels very moisturising, like a tinted balm, and it has a gentle luminosity thanks to the fine gold shimmer. I would like to try more of the RBR sheer lipsticks in time.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a high end line, but I've found the quality lives up to the prices - particularly with the highlighters. I'd like to try some of their lipglosses too, so I think I will be placing a Spring look order with Zuneta soon.

A lot of my favourire reviews and swatches of Rouge Bunny Rouge can be found at the fab Visionary Beauty. Check it out!


  1. It all looks lovely but the prices put me off big time.

  2. It is lovely but yes, it is also pricey. Mentally, I can hear my mum chiding me for having more money than sense :-)