Sunday, 28 March 2010

Regime change - MV Organic Skincare and REN

For the last four weeks I have been trying some new skincare products. I had noticed a few changes in my skin thanks to the relentless march of time etc. Most notably, some fine lines around my eyes and the skin on my cheeks becoming more fragile and a little drier. I also still have the occasional hormonal outbreak of spots around my chin. Wrinkles and spots, lucky me.

Anyway, the first thing I decided to look at was exfoliation. I have used a physical exfoliant since I was a teenager. I can remember gleefully scrubbing my tender skin with Aapri scrubs and/or those scouring pad type foaming mini sponges they did. The thought of it makes me shudder now.

More recently, after finding even a 'gentle' exfoliator from Nuxe to be hideously scratchy, I resolved to find a new way to get rid of dullness and blocked pores without adding to the broken capillaries in my cheeks. After watching a Lisa Eldridge video on YouTube in which she sang the praises of lactic acid as a gentle yet effective exfoliant, I went for a look around Space NK. I came home with this:

According to the REN website, the Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask is:
a potent bio active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone, firmness and radiance. It has been formulated with a fruit acid complex (lactic, glycolic, tartaric and citric) and Papain Enzyme to give a gentle but potent exfoliating peel that will leave skin glowing and in optimum health.
So as well as lactic acid, there are several others for dissolving your dead cells. The product is meant to be applied once a week for ten minutes - avoiding the eye area - and then washed off. I've been using it for four weeks now and I really like it. The directions say you may feel a tingling sensation when you apply, but I don't. It feels very gentle and has not left me with any soreness, redness, itching or any other unpleasant side effects. What it has done is made my skin look calmer, more even and glowy. Even after the first use, I could see a subtle difference. In the past few weeks, my hormonal outbreaks have lessened and blemishes have cleared up faster than they usually do. My ruddy cheeks are also a lot calmer since I've stopped scrubbing at them.

I've tried to show what the product looks like above. It comes in the usual REN vacuum packaging and is a thick peachy gel that smells very fruity. In fact, as a result of the texture and odour it is a bit like applying apricot jam to your face. I find this an oddly enjoyable experience. I will continue to use the product and plan to repurchase once it's run out. I expect it to last another six weeks based on how much product is left after four applications. I'd recommend it to anyone except those with sensitive skin. It's particulalry recommended for those with acne congested and mature skin and is said to work well on post acne scarring, blemishes and blackheads.

I have also started using a new daily skincare routine in the past couple of weeks. It's too early for me to give a complete review but I wanted to share my thoughts because I am so impressed.

I have been using the Gentle Cream Cleanser, Rose Hydrating Mist, Pure Jojoba Oil and Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser from MV Organic Skincare. I was looking for something organic and nurturing, so started browsing online. I found some reviews for MV Organic and thought the range sounded lovely - very pure and unfussy but caring and pampering at the same time.

MV Organic is 'An all Australian organic skincare company, specialising in luxury formulations for discerning skincare lovers, including those with sensitive skin, eczema and rosacea'.

It is sold in the UK at Content where I ordered the small size of the cleanser. Then when it was back in stock I also purchased the travel essentials set which includes the hydrating mist and a 15ml moisturiser as well as another small sized cleanser. I also bought the full sized Pure Jojoba.

The products are a joy to use. The cleanser is thick and creamy and smells delicious. It is used in conjunction with a muslin cloth and a series of warm to hot compresses which leave my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed but not stripped. This is followed by a light spray of the hydrating mist and then a pea-sized amount of the moisturiser is massaged in while the skin is still damp. I have been using the jojoba oil as an undereye moisturiser at night, and I cannot remember the last time the skin there felt so hydrated. This product can also be used as an eye make-up remover and a moisturiser for sensitive skin.

I'd say the range is mid to high level in price but you are paying for the highest quality, organic ingredients and you do not need a lot of product. The moisturiser in particular is amazing. I was sent a tiny sample - maybe 1/4 tsp - with my initial order for the cleanser and it lasted me for a week used once a day. 

After I'd used the cleanser and samples of moisturiser and jojoba for the first time, I was very happy with how my skin looked the next morning. It was refreshed and glowing and felt incredibly soft and nourished. I immediately emailed Imelda at Content to ask when the travel set would be back in stock so I could try the hydrating mist and get the 15ml moisturiser. 

I will continue using the products and write a fuller review in a few weeks time.

In addition, I can highly recommend Content. All my purchases have arrived swiftly and well packaged with lovely samples and hand written thank yous. I was also sent a 10% off voucher with my first parcel and am looking forward to placing more orders there in future.


  1. Content is excellent; I've been shopping there for nearly a year now, and the customer service is second to none. I've been tempted by that MV Organics, especially the cleanser.

    Glad you've found a routine that's working well for you. x

  2. Hi Grace - Content is indeed fantastic and I think I heard about it first on your blog - no surprise there :)

    I have been on about 10 virtual shopping sprees in my head since I first explored the website, they stock such fantastic ranges.

    The MV Organics cleanser really does feel like a treat to use. I've never been a fan of wash off cleansers but now I look forward to the ritual.

  3. The owner and creator of MV Organic Skincare is a close friend of mine. She adds such an authentic beautiful touch to all her products and keeps a high standard which really shows how luxurious the products are.
    I have been using her products since she began her business and I can confirm that it is one of the most rewarding products for your skin!

  4. Hi Claire, I stumbled upon your blog after trying to search for reviews on MV Organics. I have sensitive skin and was looking for a cleanser & moisturiser that didn't contain too many chemicals. Are you still enjoying the range? Kind Regards, Abi.

  5. Hi Abi, I am indeed still using the range (though I dabble with other stuff too). In fact, I've just been looking at the Energizing 9 oil cleanser online. The cream cleanser is one of my absolute fabourites and I have found it particularly brilliant through the cold winter months when my skin has felt more fragile and delicate.

    The moisturiser is so lovely and nourishing and I really would recommend them to you. Maybe try the travel essentials kit first - you get a good amount of product.

    Thanks for your comment :-)

  6. Thank you, Claire, for responding to my question. I'm sold, I think I'll try the travel essentials kit and see how it goes. Thanks soo much. Abi xx

  7. Hi Claire

    I've been using the Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser and I've been getting clogged skin. Has this happened to you? I only use a pea sized amount ... any suggestions?

  8. Hi, Sharon here, the creator of MV. If, on using only a tiny amount of Rose Moisturiser, your skin is still feeling clogged a better option for you may be the MV Pure Jojoba. It's light and super-fine so does not clog and is perfect for summer.
    Also, please note, the correct way to apply the Rose Moisturiser to avoid over-burdening the skin is immediately after spritzing with MV's Rose Hydrating Mist, while the skin is still damp.

  9. You should also try the MV Organic Rose Plus Booster, it's wonderful for acne prone skin, it's pricier than the Jojoba Oil ( I'm also a fan) but it lasts and lasts.
    Great blog, and I'm so sorry for your loss