Wednesday, 3 March 2010

FOTD - Suqqu

Today was going to be a make-up free day. I was feeling a bit off colour and did not have to leave the house, so I planned to spend the day reclining languidly on my sofa, gorging on Gilmore Girls DVDs. It seems my husband had a similar plan, though in his case it was recordings of Match of the Day and Football Focus he wanted to watch.

I retreated upstairs to watch DVDs in the bedroom. Within an hour the urge to play with my new make-up was too strong - it called to me from its new home by my dressing table. The light was good and I was itching to see if my Suqqu Noble Nuance face powder would look as good when I used it as it did when the MUA demonstrated it for me.
To start the FOTD I used my new RMK Liquid Foundation and buffed it in with a Sonia Kashuk flat topped brush. I adore this foundation. It is so lightweight and seems to disappear, yet has excellent mid level coverage and can be layered for more coverage without looking cakey or mask like. I used a little Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer under my eyes and on a blemish.

I filled my brows using the Urban Decay Brow Box and after a quick slick of Too faced Shadow Insurance, got to work with my new Suqqu shadow quad - EX-02 Sukashizumi.

I used the pale lilac shade as a wash over the entire eye and up to the browbone. The shadow immediately lightened and brightened the whole area and colour pay off was good, even for such a subtle shade. The shadow was incredibly smooth, not at all chalky. I then used the shimmery taupe with a domed contour brush to define my crease. Using small, circular strokes I blended it across the eye and up towards the browbone, leaving the area just under the brow clear. Again, the texture was incredibly smooth and the colour was very easy to build up. Blending was very easy and I did not worry about patchiness or hard edges as I do with some other shadows.

I then took some of the charcoal shade on a very small cotton bud from Muji. These have a much tighter, narrower head than regular cotton buds, so are brilliant for pushing shadow into your lashline. I did that with the charcoal shade, then used a clean pencil brush to soften the line and blend it upwards slightly. I used a touch more of the charcoal on the same brush to define under the lower lashline and the outer corner of the lid.

I finished the eye with the beige sparkly shade to highlight the browbone and the inner corner of the eye. This is not sparkly like a disco ball but creates a very pretty effect. After curling my lashes I applied two coats of my favourite Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara. The photos have washed the colours out a bit, unfortunately.

Cheeks were Julie Hewett Peachie Cheekie and lips were slicked with Julie Hewett Noir lipstick in Film Noir, a sheer blackberry red. I then dusted over my face with the Noble Nuance powder and saw the same beautifully soft and diffuse glow I had seen at the Suqqu counter. I cannot overstate how much I love this product, though I will have to ration usage as I'm pretty sure Selfridges, Birmingham will have sold out by now.

So there you have it, my first Suqqu FOTD. I tried to pick up the glow of the face powder in the photos. It's very subtle, but very lovely in my opinion. I am very pleased with my Suqqu products and will definitely look to purchase more in the future. Any recommendations from the permanent collection?


  1. So pretty! I've ordered that eye quad so can't wait to get it now!

  2. Thankyou!

    It's a lovely palette. I think I will also try a more intense look with it soon, using the charcoal over the lid and smoking it out with the taupe.

    I look forward to seeing your eye look :-)

  3. That is a lovely palette, and it really works well on you. I love Film Noir on you too - it's a beautiful lip shade. Isn't the Face Powder good? I love the effect of it - I can't really put my finger on it, my skin just looks better somehow.

  4. Thanks Grace. I have you to thank for both the Suqqu and Julie Hewett :-)

    The Face Powder is truly unlike anything else I've used. It's like a Photoshop effect for the face. I will certainly make a beeline for any similar products in future Suqqu LE ranges.