Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination highlighters

When I first read about Rouge Bunny Rouge products, I was captivated by the names of the products. Lipglosses called Sweet Excesses and Gleaming Temptations, loose pigments called Fire Drops and eye shadows named for birds such as Delicate Hummingbird and Abyssinian Catbird. I decided I did not want to try any of the products as I couldn't bear it if they did not live up to their magical names. Oh, and I did look at the prices and mentally shriek 'how much?!'

Now, I am not at all shy of spending my cash on quality products. Whether it's a Chanel foundation or a Rimmel mascara, it's results I'm after. In my experience, there are great products to be found in both Superdrug and Selfridges and I'd never ignore either of those options. At the same time, if a new range launches and everything costs twice as much as I'd normally expect to pay, I will research it as thoroughly as I can before waving bye bye to my hard earned de Niros.

I set about researching Rouge Bunny Rouge and found some glowing reviews in the beauty blog world. Just before Christmas, I decided to treat myself. To cut a long story short, I was so impressed by the RBR products I bought, I treated myself again a week later. You will note, I have a very successful Christmas shopping policy of 'one for you, three for me'.

I've got several products from RBR, but I'm focusing on the highlighting liquid today. I own two in the shades Sea of Tranquility and Sea of Clouds. The first is a pale, delicate pink shot through with white and gold pearl, the latter is a luminous, milky white.

I am incredibly picky when it comes to highlighters. I will scrutinise myself in front of my magnifying mirror to make sure I have no big chunks of glitter on my face. I like to look fresh and glowy, not like I've been skip diving the day after Debenhams has taken down its Christmas decorations.

The RBR highlighters are exquisite. The packaging is gorgeous and each bottle sits on its own little plinth. The bottles themselves are reassuringly solid glass with hygienic pumps. You only need a tiny amount of product, so I know they will last me a long time. The texture of the products is a cooling, lightweight gel/lotion. It can be sheered out to a subtle shimmer or built up for a more light grabbing glow without looking cakey. It also smells delicious, like cucumbers and rosewater.

Top: Sea of Clouds, bottom: Sea of Tranquility

I tend to use it on my cheekbones, down my nose and on my browbone. It also looks beautiful when mixed with foundation or just moisturiser to perk up naked skin. The highlighter is available in four shades and I think there's something for each skintone.

I purchased my RBR products from the fantastic Zuneta which stocks all sorts of great high end, high quality and hard-to-find brands. I can recommend the customer service I received, the packaging was secure yet chic and my delivery was upgraded to a 24 hour courier as it was so close to Christmas. I will do a review of my other RBR products in the future.

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