Thursday, 4 March 2010

NOTD - Misa Dirty, Sexy money

Last year I cultivated my nails to a beautiful length thanks to Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle. Then I went camping during a gale in Dorset (the wind broke the tent poles in the night and I woke up with the ceiling on my head) and the lovely nails broke during a tent peg incident.

Since then, I've not devoted much care to my nails at all. Inspired by the blue skies of the past few days, I decided to put a bit of colour on them. I thought I should at least try to reinvigorate the relationship with my poor, neglected nails.

This is two coats of Misa Dirty, Sexy Money on top of Seche base coat. It's a green cream with a hint of grey (though it shows up more blue in the photo). I really like Misa polish. I've had their Hot People Like You (an almost neon pink with a slight blue/purple flash) on my toes for a week and it's lasting very well.

I got my Misa polishes from At Your Fingertips. Delivery was quick and the items well packaged.


  1. Ooooh that's a pretty colour. Really different! I'm the same as you length wise. I looked after them so well last year but I've really neglected them the past few months.

  2. Thanks Dressjunkie. I loved last year's spring green shades but they looked a bit odd on my pale skin. This green works a lot better, in my opinion x