Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sunshine Sweeties

Inspired by the sunshine and all the lovely sandals that seem to have popped up in the shops, I decided to look for some pretty pastel cream nail colours. I've seen the new Illamasqua collection and - while they look lovely - was sure I could find much cheaper dupes on the high street.

Sure enough, a trip to Boots resulted in me finding the new range of delicious pastel varnishes from their 17 brand. Even better, there was a three for two offer. For under £6 I walked away with Sherbet Lemon (pale yellow), Fairy cake (sugary pink) and Mint Choc Chip (looks pale blue to me, rather than the green the name might suggest).

I did a really quick swatch of each and found one coat was streaky but two coats were smooth and opaque. The lemon is the only one that might need a further touch up due to Tippex-like streakiness. I think they look nice together too, so I might do a full set of alternating colours.

From memory, the range also includes a soft coral and a sugared almond lilac, as well as lip gloss and a new shadow trio in similar ice cream colours which looked pretty cute.


  1. Oooh pretty!! I just reviewed some bold Barry M nail paints on mine so this is rather more soothing on the eyes lol. Love them!

  2. oo, I'll check out your bold colours - I'm a fan of those too :)