Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Smooth lips and a classy lady

If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one luxury cosmetic item (assuming sunscreen is classed as a necessary item) I would pick lip balm. I have a lot of lip balm. I have sticks, pots, tins and tubes and they are dotted around my house. Every time the season changes I become reacquainted with previous favourites as I change coats and bags and find several I've left in the pockets.

I prefer the type in tubes or sticks for hygiene reasons and also because they're easier to apply on the go. My current favourite is the Badger Balm stick lip balm in pink grapefruit. It is certified organic, which is nice for something I practically eat, and it smells delicious. It contains a lot of olive oil and the solid stick melts on contact with the lips and leaves a light slick of moisturisation which sits comfortably on the lips and is slowly absorbed. It is not sticky or tacky and I find it's a great preparation for lip pencils or lipstick.

I got it from Bath & Unwind where I found the service to be quick and efficient. They also do some pretty good special offers.

The classy lady of the post title refers to my favourite landmark - Lady Liberty. I love New York - in my opinion it's like a theme park for adults. I haven't been for a couple of years and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms, particularly for Sephora. I nipped into Accessorize on the way home from work and found this necklace as part of their Spring travel-themed range. It is the perfect balance of cute, cheesy and tacky for me, so I had to have it.

Right, I'm off to listen to Alicia Keys singing 'Empire State of Mind' for the 327th time.


  1. Ooh I love lipbalm too! Only that I can't stand those in pots LOL. But I love those in stick or tube form...

  2. Hi Musicalhouses - I know, it's weird rooting around in a pot with your dirty finger isn't it? Plus you always end up with it stuck under the nail. It's my least favourite balm format:)