Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New to Suqqu

As an avid reader of the brilliant London MakeUp Girl I have been exposed to several new and wonderful products. I've already talked about Villainess products which I bought from Posh Brats. Both were recommended on London MakeUp Girl's blog. I also own some Julie Hewett products after reading her reviews. I'll post about those in the future.

London Makeup Girl's favourite brand seems to be Suqqu and I love the elegance of her FOTDs using these products. Suqqu is a Japanese brand which I would describe as high end. Apparently the name was derived from a Japanese word meaning 'posture with attitude' and the brand concept states 'our Japanese cultural tradition of inner composure and serenity is echoed by the range'.

When I was at the RMK counter in Selfridges, Birmingham  last week, I decided to check out the newly released Suqqu Spring 2010 range. It looked absolutely beautiful, particularly the Noble Nuance Face Colour which reminded me of the Guerlain Les Meteorites powder compact. I decided to think about potential purchases for a few days as the high end quality also means high end price.

I was back in Birmingham yesterday for a tediously dull reason, so decided to perk myself up with another visit to look at the beauty floor in Selfridges. The RMK and Suqqu counters were both very quiet, with one MUA looking after both. Almost immediately I started looking at the Spring collection she approached me and politely asked if I'd like any help. I'd already decided to buy one of the eyeshadow palettes so I told her which one and then I asked about the Noble Nuance Face Colour.

The lovely MUA, whose name turned out to be Lisa, sat me down and proceeded to gently sweep the powder over one side of my face with a fluffy brush. As she worked, I explained that whilst I thought the product looked gorgeous, the amount of lavender in the colour mix led me to believe it was more appropriate for sallower skin. I have quite pink and ruddy skin, so thought it might do nothing for me. She then stepped back and gestured for me to look in the mirror. I glanced at myself and actually exclaimed an incredulous 'WOW' as I saw the contrast between the sides of my face. There really was a subtle, soft glow on one side, with the ruddy areas toned down and the overall effect one of natural uniformity and refreshed skin. I was sold.

As Lisa completed the other side of my face, she told me the Birmingham Suqqu counter had received just 20 of the limited edition face powders when the collection was launched last Thursday. On Monday, they only had four left, so I told her I'd definitely take one.

The shadow quad I brought home with me was EX-02 Sukashizumi. It includes a pale beige with teeny sparkles, a shimmery taupe, a very pale lavender shade and a charcoal liner shade. I haven't tried it yet, but I look forward to bringing you a FOTD with it soon. I took pictures with and without flash to try to show the subtle sparkle (click it for a closer look). I swatched all the palettes in store and found the textures to be soft, smooth and pigmented and the shimmer to be subtle yet profuse, if that makes sense.

Both items are beautifully packaged in dark matte cardboard boxes with gloss foiled lettering. Inside, each compact nestles in its own velvet pouch. The face powder includes a brush, which Lisa told me was 70% squirrel hair. The picture at the beginning of this post shows the bottom of the face powder compact. The lid has no viewing window' but opens to show a mirror and another compartment in which the brush sits.

I was really impressed with Lisa at Selfridges, Birmingham. She also fetched an RMK product I wanted and rang everything up together. She gave me loads of samples from both Suqqu and RMK and signed me up for the Suqqu loyalty card as well as offering a Gankin massage in the future. I will definitely go back to her.

I think a good experience at a make-up counter makes all the difference in whether or not a customer becomes a loyal one. There are certain places I've never bought from again because the salesperson was rude or disinterested. I've had consistently great experiences at the RMK counter in Birmingham Selfridges and will now add Suqqu to the list.

I love both high end and drugstore make-up and enjoy a good bargain and a good splurge equally. These products are high end and not readily available to everyone but if you are considering making your first Suqqu purchase, I can only say that my experience was excellent and I look forward to using the products. I'll update you on whether I think they were worth my money.


  1. Hi - I really enjoyed reading your post, and thank you for the kind mention. I have found the counter staff at the Suqqu London counter to be excellent too, and I totally agree that the experience at a counter is a huge part of whether I choose to return to a brand, particularly at this price point.

    I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the quad and seeing your FOTD :)

  2. Thanks Grace. I love your blog so that's praise indeed.

    I'm hoping the good weather continues so I'll be able to do Suqqu FOTD justice in the photographs. Hopefully in the next day or two :)

  3. Hi,
    Great review and pictures, I want so much from this collection,trying to cut down my list a bit!
    I'll look forward to your FOTD

  4. Thanks Replica. I found it really difficult to narrow it down to just one shadow quad and I didn't dare look at the blushers and lipsticks. That is my version of restraint!