Friday, 5 March 2010

Nicky Clarke Desired hair straighteners - bargain

I have needed some new hair straighteners for a while. My current pair (I don't even know the brand) had started falling to bits. I've always been loathe to pay the best part of £100 for a pair of GHDs. I know this makes absoloutely no sense if you've read my preceding post given what I'll spend on a highlighter. I can offer no rational explanation.

I had seen a Pixiwoo blogpost recommending Nicky Clarke's Desired hair straighteners and thought they looked great. I researched, but found they were £87. I decided it was not to be and then thought I'd pick up some other straighteners in Boots at some point. Today, I was on my way to Boots to look for a pair as the old ones have finally given up the ghost. I decided to pop into Argos on the way to see what they had. I was amazed to find they had the Nicky Clarke Desired straighteners at half price, so I snapped a pair up. Further research tells me they're also half price on Amazon too. They still seem to be £87 elsewhere so be quick if you're interested in getting a pair as stocks are dwindling!

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