Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Yaby and OCC - first impressions

There are a number of brands not readily available in the UK that I have developed an urge to try. Possibly some of that is the psychological effect of thinking you can't have something so you want it even more. Certainly a lot is to do with following blogs, usually based in the US, where I can read reviews and see photos of certain products in action.

When I first went to New York, I took with me a little black notebook into which I'd transferred the details of recommended places to eat, things to do and the addresses of all the branches of Sephora and Ricky's in Manhattan. I also developed an obsession with Duane Reade and CVS pharmacies and lugged home a huge amount of beauty products.

As soon as I hear a friend is NY bound, I will hopefully press small pieces of paper into their hands, detailing products I would like them to bring back for me if they are able  - bottles of Mattesse or OPI for Sephora nail polish, Kat von D palettes from Sephora, Fresh Supernova mascara and false lashes from Ricky's.
In recent months, I have developed new cravings for Yaby and OCC. Having seen some of the amazing FOTDs Coloruza creates using Yaby Pearl Paints, I really wanted to get my hands on some. I'd also heard great things about OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tars. These are apparently weightless lip colours with amazing coverage and staying power yet with the ease of a lipgloss.

After tracking down a European stockist, I placed an order last week and collected my delivery from the sorting office this morning. It's too early for me to do a proper review, but here are my initial thoughts.

Yaby is a Canadian brand, developed by make-up artist Liz Yu. After considering building my own palette, I decided instead to purchase the Best of Both Worlds Yaby palette. The name of the palette refers to the fact that it contains a mixture of the lauded pearl paints and the regular eyeshadows. The palette feels nicely solid - a bit like a Bobbi Brown palette - and is white with grey lettering. It's also quite small, about half the size of a MAC 15 pan palette.

When you open the palette, you see an array of bright and neutral coloured shadows, in a number of finishes. If you don't know what to expect and you are used to the size of MAC shadows and palettes, you might be quite shocked at the size of the eyeshadows - they are small. I've photographed the open palette next to a five pence piece to show the scale.

I will do a proper review after working with the palette for a little while. I have high hopes for it based on my research. Initial fingertip swatches are promising. Pigmentation looks good with just one swipe. i also tried to get a closer shot of some of the pearl paints to show the shimmer.

Moving on to the OCC Lip Tars. There were several shades I wanted to try but they were all out of stock, so I got the clear one (to mix with pigments) and Pageant, which is a hot pink (the picture does not show the true colour).

I had heard the lip tars were liquid in consistency, that you only needed a drop the size of a pinhead to cover your lips, that they felt like nothing on the lips and that they lasted for ages. I must say I was skeptical. As I've said before, I am a gloss or sheer lipstick girl. I find opaque lipsticks feel heavy on my lips and I forget to reapply throughout the day, so I panic about having a ring of colour around the edge of my lips.

I tested Pageant lip tar almost as soon as I opened it. I put a dot the size of a pinhead on my ring finger and started spreading it across my lips, thinking it would be nowhere near enough. I was wrong, the rich colour spreads easily and smoothly without losing any pigmentation or opacity. It really does feel weightless and not at all sticky. It seems to dry and stay on like a stain, though my lips do not feel dry or in need of a glossy top coat.

I applied one coat without a brush, though I tidied the edges with a cotton bud, and have been wearing it for three hours now. During this time I've eaten a fairy cake and drunk a cup of tea and a bottle of water. The lip tar is still in place. I definitely want to try more shades. 

My purchases were from Pro Makeup Store which is based in the Netherlands and run by professional MUA, Monique Heijboer. As well as Yaby and OCC, they stock Face Atelier whose foundations are amazing. They will stock Embryolisse skincare in the future.

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