Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Jingle jangle jewellery

I love accessories almost as much as make-up. I love a bit of extra colour, texture and/or sparkle about my person and I find it cheering. I like the differences accessorising can make to one item of clothing and I also find it's a fairly cost effective way of buying into new trends if you like them. 
I love the colour red and I love a bit of rhinestone dazzle. This meant that when I saw these earrings:


and this necklace:
and this bracelet:
I just had to buy them so they could all live together as a happy, glitzy family.

Rest assured, I don't wear them all together. I may not have much in common with Coco Chanel but I do subscribe to her theory that you should remove one accessory before leaving the house in order to avoid looking overdone. In my case, I could probably remove two or three and still look 70 acres from subtle, but as long as I don't look like Mr T or Jimmy Savile, I won't fret.

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